Ep 50 Five steps for giving impactful feedback

Effective feedback is KEY to moving students forward, but how what does it actually mean to give good feedback? What does it look like? How can you tell if it’s working? Simply correcting students won’t lead to improved student outcomes, so here are five...

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Ep 49 Why you might be wasting that valuable feedback

Teachers receive a LOT of feedback, and as a new teacher, how you deal with it will determine how successful you’ll be. But what is it about receiving constructive feedback that makes us shut down or ignore it? How do we take something...

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Ep 48 Student feedback can completely change your teaching

You can almost consider students as your “customers” in that they’re the ones that have to sit through your lesson, participate in your activities, and prove whether or not they learned anything. While you don’t have to entertain them, I’ve mentioned several times...

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Ep 47 How to get truly helpful feedback to improve your teaching

As teachers, we constantly give feedback to our students. We usually do it verbally or written, and the intent is to help students improve and grow. However, when it comes to receiving feedback, it’s a different monster.  How did we progress to a...

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Ep 46 Why your students won’t do your assignment

Every teacher has had that one student that refuses to do their work. No matter what you do, you just can’t get them to do anything. This problem only gets worse when you decide to write them off. The thing is, these students typically...

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Ep 45 How to get your students to participate in class

Facing a room of blank stares and unwilling participants is a teacher’s nightmare. For some teachers, it happens every year, while for others it might be just one year or one period of students. Either way, it can be really deflating as a teacher when...

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