Ep 16 Common new teacher myths

New teachers have a seemingly endless amount of things to prepare for their first day, but often they worry about back-to-school the most. Tenisha Tate explains how to handle it while keeping control of your class, how to spot a student in need,...

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Ep 15 The only advice you need on how to nail that next teaching interview

Now that I’ve interviewed seven administrators and answered their top job interview questions, it’s time to take all of that valuable information and put it to good use. Here are my key takeaways that you can use to nail your next teaching interview...

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Ep 14 The importance of growing as an educator

Even though they will vary, most interview panels ask similar questions. Ross Cooper gives us one of the best ways to stand out in an interview and discusses the importance of always growing and learning as an educator. Love this show?   Tell...

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Ep 13 Reassuring interview advice for new teachers

One of the biggest fears that many brand new teachers have is that they won’t be hired due to their lack of experience. Rick Mohrien tells us what’s REALLY important to most principals and what beginning teachers should focus on for the interview....

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Ep 12 Being honest in job interviews

When preparing for an interview, we’re often faced with the fear of the unknown. What if we don’t have an answer or know what the interviewer is talking about? Rob Fulk gives new teachers valuable and honest tips about how to handle these...

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Ep 11 The advantages of using data for hiring

Hiring new teachers based on a resume and a gut feeling during an interview can sometimes result in someone who is a wrong fit for the school. Scott Schwartz describes the meticulous process his district uses to hire a great teacher every time,...

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