Pretty much every teacher struggles to teach in a way that addresses the needs of all of their students. Despite their attempts at differentiation, the vast array of levels in their classroom makes it daunting at best.

What if the way we’ve been teaching is the problem? Is there ACTUALLY a way to teach that catches up the students that are behind AND challenges those that are above grade level?

In this episode, Kareem Farah, cofounder of the Modern Classrooms Project, and I discuss how this is not only possible, it’s being done successfully by tens of THOUSANDS of teachers. This method will not only challenge how you think about teaching but also shed light on how you could also lighten your workload and stress. 😱

Too good to be true? Stay to the end and see! This is Part 1 of a 2-part series, so be sure to subscribe to get notified for Part 2!

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