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Ep 138 How to Make Cheating Harder in the Age of AI

Kids are cheating with AI, and it's definitely become a problem. As an ardent AI enthusiast, I've previously shared my excitement for this revolutionary technology. However, the dark side emerges as students increasingly turn to AI as a shortcut,...

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Ep 137 The Best Way To Ensure a Smooth Substitute Day

As educators, we understand that unexpected situations can arise at any moment, making the prospect of taking a day off seem daunting. Whether it's due to a sudden illness, a family emergency, or just needing a well-deserved personal day, the process...

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Ep 136 Catch up struggling students with this method

Struggling with students falling behind in the school year? In this episode, I share my proven method for addressing this common challenge. Whether it's a handful or an entire class, falling behind is a tough spot. Do I slow down for all or forge...

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Ep 135 This Can Get You Fired, Even Outside of Work

In this episode, I delve into the challenging world of teachers' off-duty actions and their digital footprint, uncovering a real-life case that rocked a Kansas school and led to a teacher's dismissal. I explore how a series of TikTok videos had...

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Ep 134 What teachers can do when students are at different levels

Teachers constantly struggle to figure out how to teach content when every student is at a different level and has different needs. In this episode, I discuss practical ways that I scaffold for the varying needs of my students as well as my take on...

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Ep 133 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Deciding to Become a Teacher

Are you considering a career in teaching? SHOULD you become a teacher, and do you have what it takes to not only survive but THRIVE? It's a noble pursuit, but let's face it – deciding to become a teacher can be a minefield of potential mistakes. You...

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Ep 132 How to Avoid Parent-Teacher Conflicts in Your Classroom

In this episode, I delve into the art of managing difficult parent-teacher relationships to ensure a harmonious and successful school year. I share personal stories and practical advice to help you become a master of handling difficult parents. These...

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Ep 131 What teachers should NEVER do at Open House (and what you should do instead)

Want to know the secrets to a successful Open House? Discover the 5 things you should NEVER do, along with 5 practical alternatives that guarantee a memorable Open House experience. In this episode, I bring you over 20 years of experience with Open...

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Ep 130 5 Outdated Back-to-School Trends That Teachers Need to Ditch

Are you ready to break free from the same old back-to-school routine? In this episode, we'll dive into 5 outdated back-to-school trends that are long overdue for a revamp. Join me as I explore alternative approaches that promote a dynamic and...

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Ep 129 This one shift could make you a better teacher

Are you tired of endless piles of paperwork and countless hours of grading? Do you dream of a streamlined assessment process that saves you time and energy? In this episode, we delve into the game-changing strategies that will create LESS work for...

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Ep 128 How to realistically reach 99% of your students

Pretty much every teacher struggles to teach in a way that addresses the needs of all of their students. Despite their attempts at differentiation, the vast array of levels in their classroom makes it daunting at best. What if the way we've been...

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Ep 127 Teaching at a new school? 6 essential questions to ask

Congratulations on landing your dream teaching job! The exhilaration of this new opportunity is boundless. I understand that you may have a whirlwind of thoughts running through your mind as you prepare for your first day at the new school. That's why...

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