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Ep 82 What teachers can do to foster LGBTQ inclusivity in the classroom

New teachers often come into teaching already supporting LGBTQ rights and have good intentions to demonstrate this support but can fall short on implementation. How can they start eradicating cisnormativity and heteronormativity that has been institutionalized for many students? How can they create a safe space that goes beyond rainbow flags and stickers? In part...

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Ep 81 How to support LGBTQ educators and students in our schools

Even though it’s 2019 and it seems like there would be more acceptance and inclusion of the LGBTQ people, there is still a lot of work to do. And while I personally support those in the community, I wanted to know more about how I can do a better job as a teacher. So on...

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Ep 80 Teachers drowning in student loan debt can save so much money by doing this

Student loan debt is no joke, and it creates so much anxiety for just about everyone, ESPECIALLY newer teachers. Programs like Teacher Loan Forgiveness promise to help with this burden, but it barely helps to bring down the tens of thousands of dollars in debt that teachers have. And misinformation about the best way to...

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Ep 79 The best and least expensive way to pay off your student loans

The large majority of new teachers have some form of student loan debt are probably trying to figure out how they’re going to pay it off with their new salary. What if I told you that some of you could pay as little as $100 a month AND have all of your debt taken care...

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Ep 78 What you need to understand about why teens to act the way they do in your classes

Educators that teach teenagers have a unique challenge: their students want the same type of love and praise as before, but now they also want more autonomy. This means that the typical model of teachers setting the rules and students complying becomes more complicated as teenagers begin to question and challenge their teachers. What can...

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Ep 77 How to plan so you’re teaching everything you’re supposed to

For many new teachers, lesson planning ALONE is a huge source of stress and anxiety. Not only is there a billion other things to do as a teacher, but there’s the tiny detail of knowing how and what to plan. Yes, you definitely learned about it and even did some practice lesson plans. But now...

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Ep 76 How to upgrade your group work strategy

Many teachers have students work in groups on assignments, but there are also quite a few that limit it. They don’t like the potential for chaos and bad behaviors, so for the most part, they avoid it. However, it’s impossible to keep students on-task and in silence for an entire class period. Those students may...

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Ep 75 Why building strong parent teacher relationships is non-negotiable

One of your strongest and most helpful allies as a teacher are parents. They can rescue you when you need help creating materials for your class, volunteer to help chaperone events, and run fundraisers for your classroom. They can also question your teaching practices, make excuses when their child misbehaves, and go over your head...

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Ep 74 Conquering classroom management right from the start

Having a solid classroom management plan is ESSENTIAL for a successful year. No amount of curriculum planning will be effective if you have multiple students disrupting the learning. So now that you have a plan, how do you implement it? What are the possible things that could go wrong, and why do they happen? In...

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Ep 73 How to craft an effective classroom management plan

Classroom management is BY FAR every new teacher’s biggest struggle. They may have had success when they were borrowing someone else’s class during student teaching, but when faced with their own, it can be daunting. Despite the tips and tricks taught in pre-service preparation programs, most new teachers still feel woefully unprepared for dealing with...

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Ep 72 The many advantages of being a second-career teacher

Many new and current teachers came to the profession as a second career. They take the plunge for many reasons and find themselves in a tough but completely fulfilling job. Some question whether or not it’s a good idea or if they have anything to offer in education, and others are worried about the age...

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Ep 71 Top back-to-school tips for new elementary teachers

It’s the back-to-school season as evidenced by all of the supplies laid out in Target! While this is a sad end to the summer, many new teachers are still interviewing for their first job or eagerly getting ready for their very first classroom. There’s so much unknown in terms of what supplies you’ll need, how...

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