Ep 116 Introverted teachers can still be the fun teacher

Are you one of those teachers who’s a little more introverted or serious, and maybe not categorized as the “fun” teacher? Do you wish that your students were more engaged and that you had more buy-in from them without having to put on...

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Ep 115 When life gets really hard, here’s how to survive teaching

When a major event happens in your life, it can be hard to figure out how to get everything done. Teachers especially struggle with the day-to-day in terms of planning lessons, teaching, and grading, and that's without anything big happening in their...

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Ep 114 Hacks for grading assignments fast when you’re falling behind

Are you a teacher who's feeling overwhelmed with grading? You're not alone! All teachers fall behind on grading at some point in their careers, and it can be a HUGE source of stress. But don't worry, there are ways to grade faster and...

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Ep 113 How to get students to submit their homework

One aspect of teaching that frustrates literally EVERY TEACHER is students not turning in their homework. No matter what consequences or how much extra time you give, it seems like some students just REFUSE to do any work, let alone submit it! In...

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Ep 112 How to cut your grading time in HALF

Teachers tend to spend HOURS of time grading, and especially outside of their work hours. Whether you're physically taking papers home or online, grading assignments is often the bane of all teachers. Surprisingly, there ARE ways to cut down on...

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Ep 111 Understanding student behavior in the classroom

Many students have been struggling with their behavior in the classroom since the start of the pandemic. Parents and students went through tremendous amounts of stress and anxiety, which caused a disruption in student behavior. It can be difficult to...

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