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Ep 90 What to do when you’re seriously behind on grading

As much as I’d like to think that I have my systems down pat after 18 years, there are STILL times when I get behind on my grading. This can be really overwhelming because it just piles on and it seems like you’re never going to get out from under it. New teachers find this...

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Ep 89 5 crucial steps to fix your lessons when they’re not working

No matter how much time we spend planning a lesson, there WILL be lessons that don’t work quite how we had anticipated. This is especially true if you’re a new teacher because you’re still figuring out lesson delivery and pacing, student engagement, and classroom management. But how do we handle this when we’re supposed to...

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Ep 88 How to set up your lesson planning for student success

Once the holidays hit, it can be a time of panic for teachers. With a quick glance at their pacing guide, they realize that they’re more behind than they’d anticipated. They ask themselves: Do I have enough time to cover everything I was supposed to? Am I on track? If I didn’t get to everything,...

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Ep 87 How to tackle organization when you’re naturally disorganized

Imagine if teaching only involved the part where you’re interacting with students. Things would be much easier, right? But the reality is that there are so many facets of teaching that pull at us, and unless you’re hyper-organized, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by it all. I know that there are many of...

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Ep 86 How Open Middle Math lessons can get your students addicted to math

Math tends to be one of those subjects that kids either understand and love or are completely befuddled by and hate. New math teachers often find themselves struggling between teaching procedures versus concepts. Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of controversy in terms of which way leads to greater student success. In this interview, Robert Kaplinsky...

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Ep 85 How to set yourself up for success with station rotations

In the last episode, we covered why teachers should incorporate station rotations into their teaching, the logistics of planning for them, and how they can help with differentiation and classroom management. But if you’ve done them in the past and they were a disaster, chances are you didn’t set them up properly. Today I bring...

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Ep 84 Why station rotations can positively impact your teaching practice

A lot of teachers have different strategies for cooperative learning or to facilitate more engaging learning experiences. One that most know of and not enough try is station rotations. I’d seen these done with various teachers and even dipped my toe in a bit, but I wanted to know more about how to do them...

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Ep 83 How new teachers can survive in difficult schools

New teachers come out of their practicum excited and ready to dive head-first into teaching. But they often run into the problem of trying to decide which schools to teach at, being a positive force for students with difficult home lives, and a long list of other serious issues. How do they know if a...

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