Ep 35 We need to let go of all of the ‘shoulds’

It’s not unusual for a teacher to suffer from a case of the “shoulds” – a ubiquitous and harmful affliction that affects ALL teachers (ok…everyone). When images of Pinterest-perfect classrooms and abundant sharing on social media are paired with less-than-ideal student work or a miserable teaching environment, teachers start thinking about the things they should be doing. Here’s my personal experience as well as how I plan to deal with it.

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I love hearing your stories and positive messages about teaching! So I’m asking my listeners to answer the following questions by leaving me a message on my Google voicemail. I’ll air these in upcoming episodes so that my community of listeners can celebrate each other wins!


1) Your name, where you live/teach, and the grades and subjects you teach.
2) One thing that you love about teaching
3) What you’re grateful for when it comes to school and teaching
4) Your most memorable holiday teacher present
5) Something you look forward to in the new year and/or a goal for the next semester.
6) Your #1 tip for surviving school in December.

Please keep your response to a maximum of 3 minutes. Also, let’s keep it positive!

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