Ep 4 It’s time to grade your grading policies

As a newer teacher, you probably used the grading system from student teaching or a haphazard combination of what you “heard” you should do. By taking the time to closely examine your grading policies, you can ensure that your gradebook clearly communicates your students’ academic progress.

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Using weighted grades:

How much is each of these categories worth in your gradebook?

  • Homework
  • Tests
  • Classwork
  • Projects

How about late work and effort?

What are your grading policies for:

  • Late work
  • Partial completion
  • Test retakes and assignment redos
  • Extra credit
  • Absences
  • Cheating

Still not sure what you want for your grading? Here’s an article that might help you: https://www.mrslepre.com/grading-your-gradebook/

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1 comment on “Ep 4 It’s time to grade your grading policies
  1. Amy says:

    Kim, as always, you have such fantastic ideas! Thank you.

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