How do you know if teaching is really for you? This question is on the minds of new teachers year round, but especially at the end of the year. Sometimes student teaching or that first year will be that crucial time when you start feeling like something isn’t right, or maybe it’s just a little further down like 6 or 7 years. In any case, let’s be introspective and be honest about the answers to these questions.

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  • Another podcast episode to listen to (with admittedly similar information) is Episode 20 where I ask questions so you can determine if you have the right mindset to survive as a teacher.
  • In Episode 30 I discuss what you can do when your lessons aren’t working. I’d definitely take time to listen and reflect on how you can catch yourself in the midst of a dying lesson before it gets away.
  • Episode 49, which is about how to take feedback so that you don’t shut down when you receive it. I discuss how to process it so that you don’t go into defense mode, but actually take action and improve.
  • I go into depth in Episode 47 about how to get better feedback and help.

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