Ep 63 Intuitive eating for the busy and overwhelmed teacher

Teachers often develop poor eating habits from the limited time to eat and the constant barrage of work. Think about how you work while eating, have barely any time to really enjoy your food, eating while supervising, etc. How can we possibly enjoy our food? And for those of us trying to lose weight, how can we do that if we’re mindlessly stuffing our faces at school?

In this episode, Sheri Traxler, a certified intuitive eating counselor and personal trainer, and I discuss how to regain control in a practical way that works for teachers. I also dive into my own bad eating habits and Sheri helps me work through those.

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2 comments on “Ep 63 Intuitive eating for the busy and overwhelmed teacher
  1. Tina Kamins says:

    Really excellent advice. Thank you Sheri and Kim. I’ve gotten the eating part down, the intuitive aspect is harder. It’s a shame we have to relearn something that our childhood selves did automatically.
    For me the hard part is figuring out if I’m hungry for food or just comfort. Baby steps! ❤️

    1. Kim Lepre says:


      I can definitely relate! Food is social and there are so many emotions attached to it, so I can’t seem to separate between hunger and comfort.


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