Ep 64 How to fit in exercise when you’re a busy and overwhelmed teacher

Finding time to exercise when you’ve got a 9-5 job can be tough. The thing is, teachers don’t just work 9-5, they often take work home, which means that there’s even less time to exercise. How can we fit this in when we’re exhausted at the end of the day, don’t really like to exercise in the first place, or are burnt out from trying?

In this episode, Sheri Traxler and I discuss how to find movement that you enjoy sneaking in some exercise, as well as how to craft your own program if you can’t stand those pre-made ones.

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Things to look for in a new gym:

  1. Is it an all-inclusive gym? Or is it boutique like martial arts studios, group/personal training
  2. Are there kids around? Is there childcare or classes for kids
  3. Staff – ask for credentials– American Council on Exercise – best overall health/wellness focus, with an emphasis on client progression and overcoming some health issues– American College of Sports Medicine – perfect for clients needing help overcoming complicated health issues

    – National Strength and Conditioning Association – ideal for clients wanting to compete at a high level athletically

  4. Cleanliness – restrooms
  5. Don’t worry about repair sign, only if it hasn’t been fixed in a while

5 Principles of strength training

  • Adaptation: your body will adapt to the same exercise after time
  • Overload: to keep building muscle, overload beyond what you’ve been doing
  • Safety – if you increase more than 10-15% more, you can get injured
  • Specificity – don’t do crunches to reduce abs, think of overall calorie burning
  • Rebuilding – microscopic tears in the fibers, 48-72 hours to rebuild. Don’t do the same muscle every day

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2 comments on “Ep 64 How to fit in exercise when you’re a busy and overwhelmed teacher
  1. Erin says:

    It is so hard for me to schedule a time to exercise. It is so important though because when I do make the time, it makes a HUGE impact on the way I handle the day. I am so much less grouchy when I am exercising regularly.

    1. Kim Lepre says:

      I completely agree Erin! In fact, if I’m having a terrible day at school, just sneaking in a walk or even better, a full-on workout, helps relieve the stress!

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