Ep 9 How a teacher’s approach to classroom management can make or break an interview

A topic that many job-seeking teachers are asked about is classroom management. Every school has its own philosophy and mission in terms of behavior, but some take it a step further. James Moffett dives deep into how being a trauma-informed school is the best form of classroom management and how it influences his hiring decisions.

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James also conducts a mock interview with me and asks me questions that help him decide if a candidate would be a good fit for his school. 

  1. 20 years from now, how would you like your current students to remember you as a teacher?
  2. I want you to reflect on a situation where you were given criticism for an instructional or behavioral approach in your classroom. How did you handle that criticism and how did you use that criticism to improve your practice?
  3. If students had to pay admission to come to your classroom, what lesson have you found to be very engaging that makes them want to be there?
  4. Teaching can be stressful and it’s important to have a good sense of humor. Tell us a joke or a personal story that highlights your sense of humor
  5. Teachers are very passionate, so there’s going to be conflict at times especially when you’re collaborating with a grade level. If you and your grade-level team had some conflict, what steps would you take to overcome it?

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