Ep 10 Epic job interview tips

As a new teacher, your advisors in your credentialing program probably gave you some interviewing advice and practice questions. While these are helpful, it’s definitely even more valuable to hear from someone on a hiring committee and know exactly what types of answers...

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Ep 9 How a teacher’s approach to classroom management can make or break an interview

A topic that many job-seeking teachers are asked about is classroom management. Every school has its own philosophy and mission in terms of behavior, but some take it a step further. James Moffett dives deep into how being a trauma-informed school is the...

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Ep 8 Six revealing reasons why you didn’t get that teaching job

As a new teacher, you’ve probably been on many, many interviews without any luck. While it’s awful to be rejected, the best thing you can do is use it as a learning experience. Here are some reasons why you may not have been...

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Ep 7 Why close reading is the first tool new teachers should have under their belt

Teaching literacy is a responsibility for all teachers of all subjects, but what if you don’t know how to teach reading? Brooklyn Khan dives into a simple but powerful strategy that every new teacher should have readily available. Love this show?   What...

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Ep 6 Classroom Management doesn’t have to suck

Thinking about and dealing with classroom management is often a beginning teachers’ nightmare. Taking the time to have a crystal clear picture of your rules and consequences will help to improve student behaviors with each coming year. Love this show? Click HERE to...

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Ep 5 Expecting your students to be mind-readers is a waste of time

Properly communicated classroom policies and procedures ensure that you can maximize the learning time in a safe and productive environment. When we start out teaching, it’s a time of experimentation to see what works. Here are four important points to consider when deciding...

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