Ep 38 Make one small change for a huge impact

Second semester or the time after Winter Break is a great time to make adjustments in your teaching. You know your students and have some systems in place, so why not pick something small but significant to change and improve? These small changes...

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Ep 37 Let’s get ready to STUDENT TEACH

You’ve finally made it to the point where you’re ready to student teach! You’re filled with excitement, anticipation, and ANXIETY about how to prepare. Yes, your teacher preparation program has prepared you for this moment, but you still can’t help but feel like...

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Ep 36 Stop doing too much and take back your time

There’s never a shortage of teachers who feel overwhelmed and stressed by all of the demands of teaching. It honestly feels like there’s no time to get everything done AND have time for family, friends, and self-care. That’s about to change. Angela Watson...

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Ep 35 We need to let go of all of the ‘shoulds’

It’s not unusual for a teacher to suffer from a case of the “shoulds” – a ubiquitous and harmful affliction that affects ALL teachers (ok…everyone). When images of Pinterest-perfect classrooms and abundant sharing on social media are paired with less-than-ideal student work or...

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Ep 34 Why your students have the right to fail

This idea of students needing to fail, it seems counterintuitive, right? But what if it’s actually in the best interest of the student? Why should a teacher “allow” a student to fail a class? While teachers are charged with ensuring that all students...

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Ep 33 You’re cheating yourself when you let your students get away with not doing any work

Every teacher is faced with one or several students each year who just refuse to do any work. No matter what they try, these students slouch in their seats and avoid all attempts to produce any evidence of learning. Many teachers give up on...

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